Wedding Day Portraits: Ferris

This one had an odd journey. First I made a pencil drawing. Then I scanned it with the idea to print it (as a copy) for testing out the coloring plan. But the pencil was so faint that the print came out almost invisible. So I fiddled with the scan till I could get good solid lines in print. And then I realized the printed version looks much better than the original, which made me give up on the coloring of the original altogether. Instead, I colored the print: the frame, the face and the hair with colored pencils, and the cloak with watercolor. But the heaviest paper my printer will eat is the very smooth, very white 130 g/m2 printing paper, which doesn’t take to watercolor all that well. So in the end, I scanned the colored print once more and fiddled with it digitally to create the highlights on the cloak.


Turned out alright, though, hasn’t it?

By the way, this is Ferris from As Meat Loves Salt, on his wedding day, and I plan to draw Jacob in the same style, eventually.




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